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The Studio

Very soon, the studio will be expanding to new facilities to provide up to 8 rooms (4x 5.1 and 2.0 mixing / 8 x Dubbing rooms).

The recording studio is located in the city center of Barcelona, close to metro, only 10mn walk from Barcelona’s main train station (airport link 25mn in train, metro).

4 Studios over 160m2 facilities with lasted Protools and high quality audio path (Amek Neve / Joemeek / Anteloppe) / Tablets / Acousticly treated control rooms and booths / AC / Sofa.


Studio 1

Studio 1

Control room 20m2 with Producer bar

Live room 30m2 with 100″ HD projector

Window to control room 3 (satellite live room)

Modular acoustic system


Studio 2

Mix room 25m2

Additional recording booth 10m2

100” HD projector

vacation image

Studio 3

30m2 space

20m2 all in one

26″ screen

Tie lines and window to live room 1 (satellite)